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Building Permits

The White County Building Inspections Department is responsible for ensuring the public safety through the enforcement of federal, state, and local codes governing construction. Our staff reviews plans, issues building permits, and performs inspections to ensure Code compliance related to aspects of life-safety, structural integrity, handicap accessibility, and electrical, plumbing, fuel gas, heating and air conditioning systems.

White County Building Inspections enforces the International Building Codes as prescribed by the International Code Council, mandated by and amended by the State of Georgia.

The primary mission of the Building Inspection Department is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the people by ensuring a safe building environment.

We recognize that safe buildings are an integral part of maintaining a safe and economically stable community. Our business philosophy is based upon the diligent enforcement of building codes in an atmosphere of cooperation and open communication. This website is intended to promote that communication and make our services easier to access. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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