County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan "represents a focusing of planning thought and effort - an attempt to identify and analyze the complex forces, relationships, and dynamics of growth in order that they can be shaped and directed in accordance with recognized community goals and aspirations."

It is a realistic appraisal of what the community is now, a normative and futuristic blueprint of what the community wants to be, and a specific set of programs for achieving community desires. The plan is based on the foundation that if a community knows where it wants to go, it possesses better prospects of getting there. The plan attempts to recognize the relationships between diverse development goals and objectives and establishes a meaningful basis for the resolution of conflicts.

A comprehensive plan functions as a "master yardstick" for evaluating all significant future development proposals. The plan is intended to provide the essential background and perspective for decision-making in respect to zoning, land subdivisions, public investments, and capital improvement programs. The comprehensive plan also provides guidance to businessmen, investors and developers regarding the development policies and the future direction and intensity of growth.

For the community at large, the plan (if properly implemented) assures that land use conflicts will be resolved if not avoided, that misuses of land will not occur, that traffic congestion will be minimized or averted, that community facilities will be located in areas where people can best use them, and that the community's growth will take place in an orderly, rational manner.