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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The White County Board of Commissioner's met Thursday, March 26th, 2020 to discuss the county's response to COVID-19. The board voted to decalare a state of emergency in White County and establish protective ordinance to control the spread of COVID-19. Details about the ordinance and the impact on White County citizens can be found below....

Thursday, March 19, 2020

White County is implementing its emergency response plans and working diligently to ensure the health and safety of county employees who deliver services to our citizens. The county has closed those functions that encourage social gathering such as the Senior Center, libraries and parks and recreation through the end of the March. The Emergency Operations Center is open and monitoring the pandemic and helping elected officials make informed decisions about limiting operations and potential closings. White County is providing COVID-19 information on its website, www.whitecounty.net, and also on the Emergency Management Facebook page.

Below is a list of White County operations and their current operating status. Please understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is a very fluid situation that may call for a change of operations at any time. White County will update this information on a daily basis...

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Mount Yonah Trailhead Press Release

White County officials are posting notices and barricading the area of Chambers Road at the Yonah Mountain Trailhead in anticipation of persons within and outside of the county using the USFS trail.

The USFS closed several trailheads in the region due to social distancing requirements in place by local, state and federal guidelines and emergency declarations. Unfortunately, persons are not following these guidelines, and some are traveling from areas where shelter in place orders is in effect. For the last two days, county public works under coordination and advisement of Emergency Management has barricaded the Yonah Mountain Trailhead and placed barrels and cones along the public right of way. Several complaints were received over the weekend from persons parking along the county right-of-way, mostly out of county residents.

These measures with enhanced traffic enforcement from the Sheriff’s Office and US Forest Service Law Enforcement will hopefully discourage the use of this area. Enhanced patrols will also be in place for other trailheads in the county. As always, citizens should report illegal parking and dangerous road conditions, by calling 9-1-1. As a reminder the USFS has closed the following locations in White County: Yonah Mountain Trailhead, Raven Cliff Falls, Duke Creek Falls, Anna Ruby Falls, along with campsites at Anna Ruby Falls, Low Gap, Andrews Cove, and the Upper Chattahoochee.

DNR state campgrounds have closed visitor’s centers and playground areas, such as the Unicoi State Park. For more information concerning this press release contact the White County Emergency Management Agency at 706-865-9500.

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