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White County Tax Commissioner: Prestige License Plates

On Wednesday, May 12, 2010 Governor Perdue signed into law House Bill 1055. This law increases many state fees, including special and prestige license plate fees. Except for military plates, fees for special plates are increasing from $25 to $35 and a new annual special tag renewal fee will be established at $35. Prior to this law change, many of the special license plates were exempt from an annual special tag renewal fee. Examples of plate types previously exempt from annual special tag fees are: Wildlife Plates (aka Eagle, Hummingbird, Bob White Quail, Trout Unlimited and Purple Cone), Hobby Antique and Educator plates. Effective May 12, 2010, vehicle owners wishing to retain their special plates will now be required to pay an additional $35 special tag fee each year. We anticipate the fee increase may discourage citizens from retaining their special plates and instead request a standard license plate.

This fee was not established by county government and none of the additional revenues are distributed to County Government.

 Where does the money go?
Of the new $35 renewal fee for prestige plates, $10 will go to the sponsoring organization, and the remaining $25 will go to state government.

What are my options/procedures and how much will it cost me to turn in my wildlife tag and get a regular tag? There is no additional fee, if you opt to turn in your prestige plate and replace it with a regular license plate during your annual registration period.

We offer our sincerest apology for any confusion relating to this recent law change and ask each citizen bear with us as we go through this transition...

Cindy Cannon
Tax Commissioner White County